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The pictures on this website may not be used without permission from HDK. The HDK students own the copyright to all texts, pictures and other material that they have published in their own name, shown under the headline ”Students”. This material may not be used in any way without the permission from each and every student. 


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Web editors

  • Carina Krantz, Communications Officer
    Chief Editor and editor News & Events, About HDK
  • Lena Collin, Student Counsellor
    Editor Programmes & Courses, Alumni
  • Elisabeth Welander, HR
    Editor Staff 
  • Ulf Dalnäs, Head of Academy, publisher
  • Torsten Åsemyr, IT-service LITS 3
    Technical support Students/Studio 

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This website and HDK'd updated visual identity was created by Daddy Identity Department in cooperation with staff and students at the Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg.