HDK Graduation 2011

HDK Graduation 2011 Poto/Graduation project: Ida Elisabet Liffner,  Graphic design: Martin Farran-Lee.

Soon it's time. There is full activity at HDK to prepare all the graduation projects that we proudly want to exhibit.

HDK will have three Graduation shows at three different places in Gothenburg.

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...with presentations in text and pictures of all exhibited graduation projects this year.

En hel del HDK graduation show design BA
Graduation 2011: Design, BA level

Bachelor students in Design show their graduation projects.

Press preview: 26/5 at 11
26/5 at 17
Exhibition period: 26-29/5
Place: Lagerhuset, Heurlins plats 1, Gothenburg

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HDK graduation show Crafts BA 2011
Graduation 2011: Jewellery Art & Design-, Ceramic and Textile Art, BA level

Bachelorstudents show their gradfuation projects in Jewellery Art and Design, Ceramic and Textile Art.

Press preview: 27/5 at 11
Opening: 27/5 at 17
Exhibition period: 27/5 - 19/6
Place: Vasa konsthall, Läraregatan 3, Gothenburg

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HDK Graduation project MA Je In Yang photo Mats Ringqvist
Graduation 2011: Design and Crafts, MA level

Masterstudents in Crafts, Child Culture Design and Design – Individual Specialization show their graduation projects.

Opening: 4/6 at 13
Press show: 7/6 at 13
Exhibition preiod: 4/6 -4/9
Place: Röhsska museet, Vasagatan 37-39, Gothenburg
Opening hours: Tue 12-20, Wed-Fri 12-17, Sat-Sun 11-17

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Examen 2011 Foto Ola Kjelbye
Graduation 2011: Business & Design, MA level

Masterstudents in Business & Design invite to oral presentations of their graduation projects. The presentations will be made in Swedish. Time and place for the presentations: please down load the pdf file to your right.


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