Traces of passionate collectors at Furniture Fair


Traces of passionate collectors at Furniture Fair

The Collector by students from HDK, University of Gothenburg

Change focus from consumption and instead leave your objects in the hands of  a passionate collector.  Then you can get a  cosy, hand knitted space out of wool, a living shelf, traces of our religious heritage and left-overs from aliens. Students from HDK exhibit at Stockholm Furniture Fair in Sweden 8-12 February.

Welcome to mingle with  us on Tuesday 8/2 at 1 pm in the HDK stand  V04:38 in the section ”Green House”.

A passionate collector, carefully categorizing traces of memories, stories and origin has inspired design students from HDK – School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg.  At  Stockholm  Furniture Fair in Sweden this year they have ”Traces ” as a theme.

The exhibited objects bear traces of furniture eaten by bugs, of our religious heritage, sea breezes and spilled wine. Historical traces  lead you to  woven birch bark, but also to left-overs from aliens.  

Archive furniture let stories unfold, light and tools show traces of time and table tops encourage written messages. Inspiration is found from things like the classical bead mosaics, the shapes of lava and the fantasies from childhood.

Twenty two students represent the programme Design –Individual Specialization at HDK. Together, they have chosen the theme and  based on this planned, designed objects, stand, printed materials and  the project blog “The Collector” .

Tuesday February 8  at 1 pm is the opening of  the HDK stand V04:38 in ”Greenhouse” at Stockholm furniture Fair. Visitors are welcome during the period 8-12 February 2011.

Are you curious to know more about each student? Welcome to look at their portfolios on the HDK website or their private websites:
Jesper Jonsson , Annie Granath, Fredrik Lundin, Caroline Haberkorn , Jinfeng FangEleonor Horner, Dan Carlberg, Karin LinderothLinda Vännström,  Marcus Agnedal, Oskar Ek,   Maria Bergström, Susanne Andersson, TianYu Xiao, Eunjae Lee, Marianne R ArnesenKerstin Färlin, Matilda Gustafsson,  Rebwar Failli, Martin Bergström, Lars-Göran Karlsson  and Kazuaki Hibino.

Here you can flip pages in the digital catalogue.


Exhibition period: 8-12/2, 2011
Place: Stockholm  Furniture Fair in Sweden