Students at HDK Child Culture Design programme to participate in Vandalorum exhibition

Patapouf by Anton Alverback

Which design made an impact on kids in the Nordic countries during the 20th century and until today? May 10, Century of the Child will open at Vandalorum in Värnamo, and HDK will play an important role in the exhibition.

Nordic design, architecture and art will be the focus of the exhibition, which is the biggest exhibited collection at Vandalorum to this day. The collaboration with students at the Child Culture Design programme at HDK in Gothenburg will form a significant part of the exhibition, where they will contribute with their own interpretations of the contemporary children's culture.

Their work were created during the lectures of the course Homo Ludens (the playing human), which has a specific focus of playing and children’s culture. Seminars, analysis and practice have been dedicated to theories about children’s play and the artefacts of playing.
– To play is a vital part of the development of a human being. Through playing we create identities, we use its creative power to influence and understand our surrounding, says Carl Johan Skogh, lecturer in Product Design and MFA in Industrial Design at HDK.

See the students’ work in the slideshow to the right.
The exhibition will open May 10 and close September 28.
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