Together: an exhibition on design as carrier of value. HDK students exhibit in Milan

By being together we define who we are. We grow through the interaction with others. But being together is not always something positive and pleasant, it is about being dependent of one another. The exhibition Together displays objects that communicate the complexity of being together – meetings that reinforce, paralyze, embellish, liberate and destruct.

The designers behind the exhibition Together are ten students from HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts who have attended the freestanding course Design as carrier of value.  Given the theme “together”, the students have created objects where material, function and experience carry different interpretations of being together.

For example:

Sara Bergqvist’s object “Lav”: a wooden bench with one side covered by felt lichen.  The lichen is decorative and inviting, but implies that it may cover the entire surface and alter the function of the bench.

Katarina Horn Jardemark’s object “Reflect”: a lamp whose parts (light source, reflector and distributor) represent the building blocks of a luminaire. The aim is to investigate the distribution of light and question the traditional lamp shape.

Tina Hjortmar’s object “Unio”: consists of two incomplete pieces (bench and chair) that do not function separately, but together they create a strong and stable artefact with a clear function.

Nils Bengtsson Blomstrand, Tina Hjortmar, Sara Bergqvist, Lene Westlin, Anton Ebel, Anna Spaak, Elin Wall, Caroline Eriksson, Charlotta Åman and Katarina Horn Jardemark.

Ventura Lambrate opens: April 12, 10 a.m.
Official opening of the stand: April 13, 6 pm

STAND: Stand M, Ventura 14, Via Ventura, Lambrate, Milano

Check out the slideshow with the students' work at the top of this page.

Website: http://www.hdktogether.se/
Hashtag: #MadebyHDK
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