The Face of God. Exhibition of research project on Milka Havel

On Saturday October 14, the exhibition The Face of God opens at Vandalorum in Värnamo. The exhibition is the result of a research project at HDK that has been going on for two years.

The exhibition highlights the Czech entomologist and artist Milka Havel's life and works through reconstructed artifacts and images. Milka Havel (1571-1631) is revived by means of interpretations, texts, reconstructions from fragments and borrowed original works. The Face of God, the title of Milka Havel's partially lost text about the search for order in chaos, forms the basis for the exhibition.

In connection to the exhibition, a book is also published with the HDK book series Making Narratives, about the significance of Milka Havel today. The book and the exhibition are two complementary parts of the project.

The project has been going on for two years and has been financed by HDK as research and artistic development work, as well as by Slöjdföreningen. A project group, led by Deputy Head of HDK Johnny Friberg, has worked on the project but many others have contributed to some extent.

Opening: 14 October, 2 pm. The exhibition is opened by Ulf Dalnäs, Head of HDK, in the presence of the museum director Elna Svenle, Johnny Friberg, as well as participating designers.
The exhibition will be open until January 28, 2018.

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Staff within the project group:
Kalle Ekeroth
Johnny Friberg (proj ledn)
Håkan Jutblad
Jesper Norda
Mattias Rask
Christian Strömqvist
Frej Wichmann
Also contributing are:
Magnus Andersson
Eva Dahlin
Anna Eklind
Ossian Gustavsson
Thomas Laurien
Pascal Prosek
Jonas Roth
Henric Benesch
Lieselotte van Leeuwen

Image by Christian Strömqvist