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Hanna Trygg behind the medal of the half marathon GöteborgsVarvet

Medal GöteborgsVarvet 2017. Design: Hanna Trygg

Hanna Trygg, Bachelor student in Jewellery Art at HDK, is the artist behind this year's medal at GöteborgsVarvet, the worlds largest half marathon.

The year's medal "Springa med vågorna" (Run with the waves) was voted first choice by the runners in June 2016.

"My starting point was the water that is present both in the race and in Gothenburg as a city. I also wanted to get the feeling that everyone is making their own trip even though the course is the same, "says Hanna Trygg.

Since 2014, GöteborgsVarvet has collaborated with HDK about the design of the medal.

- The students have contributed with exciting design ideas and really challenged the traditional medal industry. It is also nice with the great commitment of the runners who, with their votes, now chose the medal they want to receive after the finish line, "said GöteborgsVarvet's general Bo Edsberger in a press release.