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I am a doctoral student since the fall of 2012. I am part of the research centre CUL (Centre for Education Science and Teacher Research, University of Gothenburg) and have my placement at HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts. My research topic is the Aesthetic expression with specialization in Educational Sciences. I have taken my master's degree at the College of Arts in Stockholm, my main area is Art education and I'm already a preschool teacher with many years of experience in the Swedish preschool.

The focus of the thesis I work with are pre-schoolers, digital cameras and their intra-actions (Barad 2003, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2014). It addresses, among other things, that teachers in preschool often document the child's development, actions, and relationships through photography. Children are defined and described thus by the educator's gaze at them but the children are only exceptionally invited to respond to the adult's gaze. Children in pre-school are rarely offered asset to a camera. One consequence of this is that children's photographic visual voices are rarely made possible and visible, either as action or as a result of the preschool educational activities.

The documentary gaze in preschool is initially problematized in the thesis also in relation to visual surveillance from a wider social perspective. But the documentary gaze is also, on a deeper level, put in relation to the power relations that exist between children and adults more generally in preschool. In my position as a researcher I offer and invite the children to use digital cameras and my purpose is to understand something about their mutual possibilities.

The empirical data in the thesis is produced in two different preschools, in two different groups of three-year-olds, and is affected as an ethnographic-like study in which objects, and not just the people, are understood as participants. The aim is not to teach children how to use the cameras, but rather to observe what the kids and the cameras can do together, and with each other.

Theoretically, the thesis takes its starting point in a new materialistic landscape and especially with the feminist physicist Karen Barad (2003, 2007). Several of her concepts are used as understanding-devices for the analysis and discussion of the thesis. An assumption based on a posthumanist and new materialistic perspective is that children, as well as digital cameras, are attributed agency and that none of them can be understood as overriding the other.

My main supervisor is Claes Ericsson at Halmstad University and my assistant supervisor is Tarja Karlsson Häikiö at HDK. I am also, as a doctoral student, part of the theme Culture and Aesthetics.

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