Business & Design MA level

Are you a trained designer and want to boost your knowledge of management and in future work strategically with design in an organisation or corporate management?

Are you a trained economist and want to learn more about how to use the design process in order to create more profitable business? You may have a background in some other artistic field or in humanities, technology or social science and want to expand your expertise with information about business and design? Then this is the programme for you.

The significance of design and the design process as a strategic instrument for companies and organisations' growth is now both publicly recognised and proven by research. This insight is however far from being put into practice, as well as the ability to integrate design, strategy and economics. It applies for society as well as in for education. Few companies, even those considered design-intense, have design expertise represented among the members of corporate management. Many business, design and engineering courses currently have brief segments that are intended with the intention to strengthen cooperation and coordination, as well as to demonstrate and to highlight the role of design in terms of collection and product development, marketing, communication, scope of services and identity and brand building.

For the first time in Sweden, HDK will in association with the School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg present a closely connected 2-year Masters programme. The programme is designed for students and professionals who have different educational backgrounds but a common interest in working strategically with design.The programme focuses on a process in which people can contribute their different roles and experiences and will exercise the ability to understand what the others are saying and utilise one another'sknowledge.

The programme contents rest on University of Gothenburgs basic values, where the concept of sustainable development here has specific meaning.This is obvious as we know that the energy consumption of a product during its lifecycle is almost always decided in the early phase of the design process.

Text Henning Eklund