Child Culture Design MA level

Child Culture Design – a new master specialization focusing on play

Imagine a design specialization where the focus is on the perspective of a child: On children’s play, pedagogy, development, culture, health and above all on the tools of play. On the participation and inlfuence of childen and youth on society. Imagine a design specialization that utilizes the great existing bank of knowledge that has been accumulated in Sweden, in such areas as play, health care, education and communication. In the Fall of 2009 this vision became a reality at HDK- Academy of Design and Crafts, Universtiy of Gothenburg, with the introduction of the Child Culture Design Programme, CCD, a design programme unlike any other.

Sweden is best in the class when it comes to children.
The distinguished child competence that Sweden has is a unique platform for future development. In this development design plays an important role.  Child Culture Design is a design programme that welcomes you, whether your interest is in products, architecture, visual communication, and/or interaction design. 

Child Culture Design is based on knowledge of the game, we play very seriously.
The central activity of the child's life is play. It is specific, creative and immersive. By focusing on children's play, children's perspectives and their specific conditions we have created a master program that has no equivalent in the world. Through the understanding of children's culture, we learn about human beings and our role as a designer in a contemporary context. Child Culture Design is a field that is growing in knowledge, need and demand both nationally and internationally.

In Child Culture Design you will make use of your practical and theoretical knowledge and skills through the framework of set courses and projects. Such projects will be carried out in cooperation with external partners and range over various fields such as: environments for children, artefacts within these environments, tools of play, interactive objects, outdoor play equipment, children's books and new media.

A main aspect of this programme is to train students to apply and translate cross-disciplinary knowledge and research to design practice.

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