Child Culture Design MA level


Child Culture Design MA level

Child Culture Design (CCD) is a field that is growing in knowledge, need and demand both nationally and internationally. By focusing on children's play, children's perspectives and their specific conditions, we have created a master program that has no equivalent in the world.


The aim is to combine the subject design and the artistic practice with child culture and children's culture. An artistic and humanistic view permeates the education.

One of the cornerstones is working to create a sustainable society, not only in the ecological sense but also with regard to social equality, gender equality, ethics, economy and issues of social justice. A vital aspect is collaboration with organisations and other actors with common goals.


The programme is carried out through projects, lectures, seminars, workshops, thematic work and your own individual work. You will be training your practical and theoretical capabilities within the entire range of courses and projects. These will be carried out in cooperation with external partners and extend over areas like the shaping of environments where children spend their time, the products of these environments, toys, outdoor play objects, children’s books, new media, processes and methods.

The relationship between children's culture and child culture will be problematized in order to relate the subject of design to the concept of child culture. Through a series of lectures, you will be given the opportunity to take part of multidisciplinary research, and gain practice in referring to research results in their design projects.


After your education, you’ll have the possibility to work as a designer, with play, child culture and children’s perspectives as your special qualification.

Within the field of design, you can work in traditional areas like product and industrial design, interior design or graphic design. HDK’s education, which extends beyond traditional professional boundaries, will also give you the possibility of creating your own path beyond those traditional professional boundaries.

A master degree in design will also qualify you for further applications to post-graduate studies.


MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Design with specialization in Child Culture Design.


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