Design BA level

The Programme is a three-year design education leading to your being able to carry out professional design assignments. After completing the Programme you will have qualified for the Degree of BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design.

A three-year Bachelor’s Programme (= first cycle level) will make you employable, providing you with the necessary knowledge and skills to start out on your professional career.  We would however like to emphasize that a designer is never fully trained. Working with design is to be involved in a perpetual learning process. That is one of the most important elements in our education – teaching students to continue their learning processes by themselves. If you can do this, then you are well prepared to embark upon a varied and constantly changing professional life.

HDK’s design programme is a shared programme and not divided into study programmes according to material or professional field. Many factors, challenges and preconditions are common to all designers and great emphasis is therefore laid on attitudes, processes and working methods.

Holism and breadth are important, but great emphasis is also laid on in-depth studies and specialization, essential preconditions for professional knowledge and skills. The first year focuses on methods, tools, materials and visualization. The following two years will give you the chance for further in-depth studies and specialization within traditional disciplines or else the possibility of choosing a specialization situated somewhere between the limits of the different disciplines.

To think holistically is also to consider the consequences of your design decisions, what they may mean when it comes to people’s welfare and the sustainability of the community. Ethics and sustainable development are important issues as is the liberal humanistic culture, which constitutes the background, inspiration and context for your own artistic and professional enterprise.

If you wish later on to continue your education, either straight after your Bachelor’s Degree or after having been out in professional life for a while, you can do so by for example studying at a Master’s Programme in Design at second cycle level. If you wish to specialize even further through studies then there remains research/doctoral studies in Design. Both Master’s Programmes and research studies are available at HDK.

Text Kalle Klockars