Research studies

Since 2000 it has been possible to do postgraduate studies at HDK. Eight dissertations have been presented at HDK since then.
In 2010 the first PhD student in Crafts was accepted. We currently have thirteen PhD students in design and crafts.

Business & Design Lab
Some PhD students in design are also part of Business & Design Lab, a collaboration between HDK and The School of Business, Economics and Law.

HDK is part of the international network DESMA, an interdisciplinary training network in Design Management funded by the European Commission’s Marie Curie Actions (FP7). The network gathers 12 doctoral students, 4 universities, 4 European design consultancies and 4 complementary product and service organizations. The ambition of DESMA is to build a vibrant and sustainable platform of high quality research in the intersection of design and management within both academia and practice.
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Research & development projects

Research in design and applied arts at HDK is a fairly new field of activity. The first research projects started in 2006 and we are today involved in several major research projects as well as crossdisciplinary networks.

Business & Design Lab
Some research projects in design are carried out together with the School of Business, Economics and Law within the Business and Design Lab.
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