The Materiality of the Surface

The Materiality of the Surface

Kristina Fridh

Thomas Laurien

The research project, The Materiality of the Surface, has sought to examine whether and, if so, how ways of using different materials to form space are connected with different cultures’ conceptions of space.

In the first, more theoretical part of the project, the works of two Swedish and two Japanese architectural offices have been examined and compared in terms of their use of materials and spatial conceptions. The second part of the project has comprised empirical studies and investigations through design work and focuses primarily on glass as a building material.

The project was presented in the form of an exhibition at the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg and a book was published. Parallel with the exhibition, there has been a course at HDK, for students but also professional architects, designers and artists. This multidisciplinary research project, which combines the skills of an architect, Kristina Fridh, and a product designer, Thomas Laurien, represents a novel approach to the key questions addressed.

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