Feat -layers of stories

Feat -layers of stories

Thomas Laurien

The artistic project FEAT started with the design of four patterns for fabric by the meters. A number of designers were then invited to create garments by using the material after having interpreted the concept of heroism. The finished garments were framed by the story of Nelson Mandela and his documented lifelong interest and advanced understanding of textiles and clothes.

The textile leftovers from the creation of the garments were used to make a replica of the Robben Island prison cell. FEAT was exhibited 2006-07 in Malmö and Stockholm. The project is documented at www.laurien.se.   

Photo above:
From the artistic project FEAT where I designed patterns for fabric. Five invited designers and artists then interpreted and used these fabrics and made garments for real or fictional heroes. From the leftover fabric I created a replica of the Nelson Mandela cell at Robben Island. The project and the following two exhibitions in Malmö and Stockholm in 2006 and 2007 were an homage to Nelson Mandela who has always been aware of the power and tension in textiles.


Garment by textile designer Klara Persson as part of the project FEAT. Klara Persson created an intriguing coat by combining my fabric design [tu:] with an open source garment pattern by Yamamoto - adding textile techniques like quilting and embroidery.