Frozen Moment

Frozen Moment

Renata Francescon

” Frozen moment” wall in the entrance at Öckerö town hall, Sweden. I have chosen to work with the whole area of the wall. For me this room is like a scene, where this wall acts like a background in a performance. It gives me the feeling of a scene because the wall is situated higher than the level of the entrance and this is even marked by the stairs which leeds to this halffloor that in the same time creates the space around the wall almost like an amphitheater but but with a changed perspective.

In my previous works have I very often focused on themes lika shadow and light, glossy and matt. Water has been an oncoming element. It felt of great interest to continue to work in this field as Öckerö, being an island, is surrounded by water, where reflections and ripples on the water and other light phenomenons are so tangible.

The whole building is very compact and therefore I have chosen to work with forms that are organic and more transient. I think it creates an intresting and good contrast to the building and how people can feel the entrance. My intention is that the forms on the wall will create a play between light and shadow and the colours are from green to nearly white. Colours that have a direct connection to water and sea.

The lower part of the wall is darker and as it goes toward the ceiling it becomes paler. This both to give a symbolic connection to deep water but even to give the room a clearer depth and hight. The glazes are mostly glossy and are in several layers, also this to create a sensation of depth, of water both rinning and frozen.

Renata Francescon Frozen Wall