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Form Norm

Marcus Jahnke

The exhibition FormgivningNormgivning (From Norm), also called Spelar Roll, was developed within the research project Gender and Design – a cooperation between HDK and CFK (the Centre for Consumer Science). It was the result of a project in which students at the master program in design at HDK explored gender issues through design practice. My role was to instigate and lead this process through tutoring and workshops. The exhibition has been shown in seven places, for example at Blå Stället in Angered (2006), at Svensk Form in Stockholm (2006) and during Designmai in Berlin (2007).

The catalogue FormgivningNormgivning (ISBN : 91-974642-4-4) was an outcome of the Gender and Design project. It worked both an exhibition catalogue describing the objects designed by the master students in design, as well as an introduction to the relationship between design and gender, both through theory and concrete examples. The graphic design was done by master students Karolina Larsson and Sigrid Strömgren. The texts were written by me, master student Mariana Alves and researchers Magnus Mörck and Magdalena Petersson. I also edited the catalogue which to date it has been printed twice, both times in 400 copies.


Form Norm Mrcus Jahnke