New Graphic Identity

New Graphic Identity

Eva Engstrand

New Graphic Identity for the University of Gothenburg
This project (2005-2007) concerned the redesign of the university logotype. The commission was the visual outcome of a project to strengthen the university’s identity and image, run by the external relations unit. I worked in close collaboration with the university’s Council for Identity and Image.

Our first step was to find a design that would visually express the university’s core values of openness, collaboration, diversity. The proposed logotype was reviewed by experts and tested with focus groups, and found to be not too convincing. Recognizing the importance of tradition and authority to enhance the image of quality, the next step was to keep the old seal and do a thorough redesign. The original seal design was made in 1954 for the casting of medals, and was not intended for a printed logotype.

The final proposal for a new logotype with the redesigned seal was accepted and decided by the Vice-Chancellor in 2006. After that I started working on the complicated design of a graphic identity manual including signage design. I finished my part of the project in 2007. Implementation is still going on.


Proposals New Graphic Identity by Eva Engstrand
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