Pillar of Balls

Pillar of Balls

Annett Florén

Pillar of Balls, an outdoor sculpture,  was a public commission 2002 and 2005 from Statens Konstråd for Bostadsbolaget Poseidon AB, Göteborg.

The scuplture is placed in a plantation designed by a gardener from the Antroposofic Center in Järna, Sweden.
Location: a residential area called Olskroken in the city of Göteborg.  
Purpose: the sculpture should work in the plantation independent of season.
Measure: height  220 cm, Ø 70 cm
Material: Stoneware and Porcelain Clay, Stainless Steel Bars
Technique: Slabbuilt, thrown and altered clay,  fired in an Anagama woodkiln 

The Balls of Clay are thread onto the steel bars, which are welded together in a triangular form to support one another.

In may 2002 the sculpture was placed in the plantation and in june 2005 I had to do some reparation due to damage, after that no futher damage has occured.


Pillars of Balls by Annett Florén