Snow, wood, silence

Snow, wood, silence

Johhny Friberg


The year 2006, twice a man together with the actor Maria Ericson made a tour with a multi-media performance/text and music installation in Russia. The project was a collaboration with the swedish author Lotta Lotass. The performance was partially funded by The swedish institute, and part of a larger project which should promote swedish culture in Russia, called ”sweden:upgrade”.

The performance was a reflection upon the artist Joseph Buyes life and art, and performed as an installation of a text. At that time Twice a Man consist of: Johnny Friberg, Ingemar Gasleben and Dan Söderqvist. The performance included  audio-visual ingredients and spoken word. The text written by Lotta Lotass was specially made for the performance. The performance was played in Moscow during Moscows literature festival and in Kazan, Tatarstan.