Emma Andersson


Emma Andersson

Photographer: Martina Kraemer


Can a pattern cause curiosity? Can we use curiosity to create a pattern? These were the basic questions for our project. The time between day and night, just the time before a child falls asleep and dreaming starts was our inspiration. We created a pattern that connects the real world to the dream world. Since dreams are usually made of daily experiences both visual and physical, mixed up in strange ways, this pattern is called Knasig - Strange. It is a pattern that awakes curiosity and makes you use your body and your bodyheat to discover what is “behind”. The actual pattern is partly covered or hidden behind thermochromatic color which reacts to heat and disappears when touched, revealing hidden creatures. Another part of the concept is to include light as an exploration factor. Thus, there is more hidden patterns and images that are printed with fluorescent or glow in the dark color and can only be found when lit up with (UV) light.