Jonas Sandstedt


Jonas Sandstedt

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Mobile Evolution

Mobile Evolution is an interactive infographic timeline over the cellphone history from 1984 to 2013. On the website you can navigate trough different years or just watch the movie from start to end. Link to website:

Extreme Audio Recording

For the sound agency EAR I made a fully responsive and fast loading website. See it here: Except from designing and coding the website, I also designed special icons to describe their work process, refreshed their logotype and created a 3D-illustration with stories from their company to use as a background of the homepage.

Det man minns

Here at HDK we got an assignment to design a cover, inlay, wrapping paper and a book bag for the short story ”What is Remembered” written by Alice Munro. The main character has a well-structured life that becomes a mess when she has an affair with a man other than her husband. After the affair she tries to get her life back to the way it was before. This is what I’ve tried to illustrate in a napkin pattern. The short story itself I’ve bound by hand with a structured, napkin like paper for cover and a orange thread that bounds the book and the story together.

Für Elise

This is an information graphic experiment of what happens if you take a music peace (in this case Beethovens Für Elise) and extract all the keys the number of times they are played.

Japansk poppel

Information movie about the tree ”Japansk poppel”, Populus maximowiczii, that can be found in the Swedish tree garden ”Arboretet” at Botaniska trädgården in Gothenburg.