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Linus Holm

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Tingest creates a space for storing objects of emotional value. Things that would otherwise be lost or forgotten can instead be kept safe in a space dedicated to them. In order to access the objects inside, the lid is guided through a hidden labyrinth. Three levels of difficulty ranging between the separate compartments allow objects to be sorted based on emotional value. Course: Design as carrier of value 2013-2014. Video: Exhibiton website:


Multi-tool for campers and hikers. Included are pliers, a fire steel and a knife. Production & market 2013. Process blog:


Hammock-tent for camping and hiking. Production & market 2013. Process blog:

Kring ting

Toy for managing stress. Fördjupande designstudier 2012. Process blog:

Det man minns

Book and pattern design. 2012

Simplicitet och Extravagans

fig 1. Helpful image explaining the concept of infinite shape. Any 2D picture have an infinite number of different shapes in the unobserved Z-axis. Fig 2. Early attempt at finding a possible 3d shape when studying a 2d illustration. Original illustration: "Bifur font" - Cassandre 1929. Eget projekt 2013. Process blog: