The work of the hand

”The well equipped workshops are unique. I don’t think there are many schools in the world that can offer so good fascilities for realizing your ideas. “

Exchange student from Germany


HDK has a workshop area of 5612 square metres in total, of which 3768 are located at Steneby. 

Many of our students, especially exchange students from countries outside of Sweden, talk about the HDK workshops as a fantastic asset that they are not used to. This makes us happy of course, since we are very proud of our workshops and our staff.
At HDK we have workshops for: many different textile techniques, wood, metal, model, jewellry, ceramic and digital tools. A bit outside of Gothenburg, at Nääs in Floda, we also have a field laboratory where you can, among other things, work with Anagama kilns.

If you click the headline of the separate workshops you’ll find pictures and more detailed information.


Experienced technicians

”…all the technicians were so fantastic, excellent!”

Exchange student from Scotland

Our programmes encourage you, as a student, to think new, to work with experimental techniques and materials. In the HDK workshops you will find experienced technicians who can give you support and advice.
In many of the workshops we require a special course before using the machines and techniques in a safe way. Our technicians are responsible for this course and for the basic supply store to work with.

In our workshops students will find:
Arild Hansen, digitial workshop
Emanuel Cederkvist, digital workshop
Magnus Andersson, digital workshop
Joachim Harrysson, metall/modell/3D
Ossian Gustavsson, metal/model/3D
Renata Francescon, ceramic workshop
Charlotta Klingström, keramikverkstad
Carolina Claesson, jewellery workshop
Anna Norrgrann, jewellery workshop
Marianne Davidsson, textile workshop
Elinor Gustafsson, textile workshop
Helena Engarås, textile workshop
Arne Svensson, wood workshop
Mattias Rask, wood workshop
Frej Wichmann, wood workshop