Open Week 2017

Open Week 2017

Gothenburg Design Festival: Powered by HDK
20 – 26 November 2017


HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg has a long established tradition of teaching students in design and crafts, through a wide range of skills and approaches to learning, based on academic and practice based research. Furthermore, there is a strong group of alumni whose work and enterprises are the result of the knowledge and practices developed at HDK. With such a rich mix of learners, educators and legacy makers - how do we as an academy of design and crafts further support and showcase students, teachings and diverse outputs? How do we present HDK as an organisation that is willing to examine its role in civil society and engage in a wider debate about what it means to be open?

Gothenburg Design Festival is a new initiative powered by HDK, and sets to run as an annual event. The festival, through its OPEN WEEK, will replace the annual degree show for Design in spring and will extend to a series of exhibitions, talks, screenings, performances and workshops. During this week in November, HDK and cultural partners will provide access to a range of activities, events and interactions that disseminate, display and generate further knowledge of HDK’s creative output and teaching. Coinciding with HDK’s annual Open House day, all teaching programmes have been invited to host activities to demonstrate the work produced in the many fields of design, crafts and arts education by students, researchers and the wider faculty.

The OPEN WEEK will engage with diverse local and regional communities including universities and schools, the cultural and educational sectors of Göteborgs Stad, creative communities, businesses and the broader public. Internationally and nationally, OPEN WEEK will connect and begin distinctive collaborations with design schools, cultural organisations, industry and international practitioners as an opportunity to exchange thoughts and initiatives concerning design and the arts education. Furthermore, an online publishing platform will invite partners to share and archive a wide range of content generated through the planning, development and presentation of the week.

To display the diversity of design practice and activity at HDK, OPEN WEEK will play a central role in creating new and alternative platforms to stage graduating work from the design programmes, provide exhibition and participatory platforms for students to host talks, film screenings, workshops and events. As an axis for design learning, the OPEN WEEK will also extend beyond graduates to become an important focus for staff and alumni to share knowledge in a variety of formats and contexts. Through an open call and invitation, staff and alumni will be invited to stage exhibitions, open studios and organise events with the support of HDK.  

During the OPEN WEEK, HDK will present exhibitions and events at its main campus in Kristinelundsgatan, selected University of Gothenburg venues and a number of offsite cultural locations in and around the city have been invited to provide access to their audiences and infrastructure. OPEN WEEK will also coincide with the display of the world’s largest monetary design prize, the Söderberg Prize –this year shown in Stadsbiblioteket’s main gallery.