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Colm Keller

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Presence in absence:

<p>  Craft as relational maintenance </p>

Modern communication products enable us to stay connected over distances.
But human conscious attention has a limited capability. The result is partially
divided attention which enhances shallow interactions at the expense of deep
ones. We can hold short interactions with numerous people, thus keeping
friendship alive while being apart. But the more we hold short brief interactions
and don’t take the time to reflect and invest time the less we allow any
depth of communication, any depth to a relationship.

The objective of the project is to design objects that incorporate the spontaneity
of communication technology while couples are apart into tangible objects that
encourage co-participation and dialogue upon rejoining. These elements help to
strengthen bonds between user and object and act as relational maintenance
and a symbol of the relationship while partners are apart.

Mora Knives of Sweden
Elmo Leather
Nordifa AB

Name: Colm Keller
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Mobile: 0765 572091


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