Eszter Imre


Eszter Imre

Crafts Master Level Ceramic Art


It is about me. Things I used to feel, and I’m ready to shape.
Small things, means a lot to me, and maybe means nothing to You.
Just a sentence, just words. No big deal.

And it is about ceramic, time, serious responsibility.
Fix a dried, fleeting quick moment for ever, lose control by the voice of a material.
A field, that let me play. And a technique we can play together.
Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. Then we compromise.
Sometimes we need a third medium to convey.
Now it is the language of paper for me. A well-known unknown way to talk.

So it is a lot about paper, the surface, the movement, details
and the faded story behind.
It is just all about me, of course. It is my mind, my sentences,
my time , my responsibility, my game, my language. My story.

Eszter Imre (Hungary)
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