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Han Lin

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Bamboo Water Bottle

Too much bottled water is consumed on this planet. It is not good news at all.

Every year, millions of barrels of oil are consumed and billions of money is wasted just for the purpose of bottling the tap water. We are not only paying 1000 times more for just tap water but also a heavy price for the environmental problem comes with one-serving plastic bottle. It is the time to say no to bottled water, and turn to the tap.

My project “The Renaissance of Water Bottle” was born for this. I was trying to make out a fashionable and eco-friendly reusable water bottle to encourage people carrying their own water on the go. Bamboo was used to carry out the idea for both of its natural scent and cultural flavor. It is actually an old thing that has been used for thousands of years in Asian. So what I have done was just bringing an old thing with new expression to people today, and hope it would contribute a little bit to raise people more attention on environment and something about culture as well.

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