Mustafa Engin Hassamanci


Mustafa Engin Hassamanci

Design Master Level

Unit Design for rock drilling rigs

This project intends to design a Rig Supervision Unit that will be used for distance and on-site supervision and operation of Atlas Copco’ s rock-drilling rigs as part of a future scenario that takes place in 2020.

As the rigs are expected to operate more independently of manpower than they do today, they will require less human labor in terms of on-site operation. As the workload of an operator decreases, the task will shift to supervising multiple drill rigs instead of one, and assisting the rigs by taking full control whenever necessary.

The result is a wearable unit which provides improved ergonomics through accommodating a natural position for the hands. Worn on a harness structure, it is adjusted to the individual height of the operator, while standing or sitting. The rigs can be supervised in distance using the touch-screen interface when they are working autonomously. In cases which the rigs can not handle themselves, the operator takes full control by using the 3D navigators.

This is a co-operated project which has been done together with Atlas Copco Surface Drilling Equipment and the Industrial Design Department at Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Technique.

Engin Hassamanci
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