Shinwei Rhoda Yen


Shinwei Rhoda Yen

Design Master Level

Bring it on the tram

The project ‘Bring It on the Tram/Ta Me De På Vagnen’ is about redesigning parts of the existing interior of Gothenburg trams into a cargo area, to enable passengers to carry bikes and larger objects on the tram.
Gothenburg is a biking friendly city and has a large amount of students. By having this wagon, people could have more options when using the trams. It makes it easier to bridge the distance between suburbs and the city center for cyclists; by introducing a cargo function and trolleys as a complement on the trams, can easier for people to transport more things by themselves.
The idea is to broaden the function of public transportation through observing the local lifestyles to encourage more usage of bikes and trams instead of cars in the city.

Shinwei Rhoda Yen
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