Henry Lanham


Henry Lanham

Crafts Master level Jewellery Art and Design

Landscape´s of Time/Tangible Music

The project investigates the expression of movement. The flow from one moment to another, and how those places are related. I wanted to explore the idea of connecting entities that change over time in one object in the present. I began by taking the cycle of movement of a bird's wing in flight. The changing form of the wing occurs as it moves forwards through space and time. I can only see any one moment of that cycle but if I trace it through time will the resulting 3D form resemble the bird's wing or its flight in any way? What happens if I use something less tangible as the inspiration, a memory to drive the composition along?  My focus was kept on each segment as it was made; the resulting forms became these improvisations around the theme memory.

Henry Lanham
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