Jeong Yun Choi


Jeong Yun Choi

Konsthantverk avancerad nivå / Crafts MA level

Moments on the Surface

The key words of my project are “Blue Dot, “Blue Stripe,” and “Pattern.” I drew “Blue Dot” and “Blue Stripe” six years ago and they have since served as my inspiration for creating ceramic works.

I have always been asked these questions, “Why do you like the color blue? Why does it have to be a dot? What do you like about making patterns?” So far, however, I have not fully answered or described in words my underlying reasons. Instead, I present my answers through clay.

My diploma project is about drawing patterns on clay. I chose tile and double-walled vessel as media and tried to deliver “Blue Dot” and “Blue Stripe” on clays by experimenting on patterns and glaze with different looks. I started this project feeling responsible for finding answers to the questions and being conscious of the responses to my works in order to get a hint about the answers.

Jeong Yun Choi
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