Patrick Zimmermann


Patrick Zimmermann

Business & Design MA level


Business & Design for: Experience strategy

In the age of transparency, all activities of a company can become public knowledge and spread quickly. Information is available everywhere, and companies need to be transparent, authentic and unified to create a sustainable customer experience. This thesis criticises the traditional customer-product interaction perspective, and within the “Experience Economy”, draws attention to the holistic nature of experiences. Based on interviews conducted with experience professionals, including designers from IDEO, it presents a model for a holistic experience strategy.


Patrick Zimmermann
Munich, Germany
zimmermann_patrick [at]

My previous life: Business student, Entrepreneur and Creative engineer

Now: Entrepreneur, Creative engineer and Business designer

Dream to be: Innovation designer

My super powers:
Finding the right balance between farsightedness and consciousness of reality

For me, Business & Design is:  like Frankenstein: some might see it as a monster, some as a miracle, but all can agree that it is something never seen before. In short, it is the analytical and rational skills of a business person paired with the creativity and empathy of a designer. More basically speaking: it is the future.

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