Marlind Gibb


Marlind Gibb

Child Culture Design MA level


“the circle married the line“*
a family of four objects

the result of the design investigation given the title
“interrupt yourself! homo ludens‘ constructions for occasional playfulness“

by marlind gibb, 2015

Directions, decisions, thousands of ways to go ... running circles or paving the way?

There, where linear and circular processes complement each other, does life take place. Neither only linear nor only circular movements will provide us with fulfilment. The interaction between both, the “transmission“ from one into the other is not only in terms of engeneering a promising principle.
So is the process of growing up a process of forward movements and repetitions but preferably also a process of backwards movements to memorize, to pause, to reflect and to ask: why am I in a hurry?
My research showed that children have an innate patience and curiosity for things they feel related to and actions they feel engaged in, which I call playfulness. This  attitude I considered as lost in adults‘ behavior as the starting point for the project.

The work in hand aims to invite to pass by, to pause, to interact, to associate, to take a step back, to remember, to touch, to listen ... in short the four objects want to invite to interrupt calculating the profitability of actions and interrupt somebody‘s daily rushes.
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* inspired by song title of Feist in “metals“, 2011

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