Neli Dicheva


Neli Dicheva

Konsthantverk avancerad nivå / Crafts MA level

Memory of Kyoto

Minnen är precis lika känsliga som drömmar. Tänk om drömmar och minnen inte existerar. Tänk om de bara är känslor som vi på något sätt återupptar eller återskapar. Vi skapar något bortom minnet av en specifik händelse. Vi är på väg bortom minnet, genom en transformation av vår fantasi.

Night view of river and a group of sleeping birds. The contour of their bodies were not clear and you could barely recognize what it was. They were of different sizes and their bodies were in different positions. Because of the darkness your imagination starts to play with the volumes and you do not actually know where they start and where they end. It was mystical, peaceful and a bit scary.
A half clay, half metal made bird, my hybrid object. The work can be described as a continuation of a dream or a memory. The line between the two is very blurry, maybe they are the same thing as memories can often feel and look like a dream. By resuming my dream in this way I also allow others to come in, they are free to interpret it, make changes and create their own dream. The view is not the real view which I saw, but a transformation through yours and my imagination.

Neli Dicheva
Master Keramikkonst
Contact information: neli.ditcheva [at]

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