Konstnärligt Masterprogram i Business & Design
- start höstterminen 2017

För att din ansökan ska vara komplett krävs både anmälan och arbetsprov. Viktig information om hur du anmäler dig och hur antagningsprocessen går till finner du här.

Anvisningarna för arbetsprovet är på engelska.

The portfolio is submitted digitally in the DAP system, where you also find a Step-by-step guide.
Create your portfolio in a programme of your choice, and save/convert it to PDF format.
Name the PDF-document with your name and surname.
Upload the PDF-document in DAP in one mediaslide.

The portfolio should include:

1. CV – 1 page

The CV will be evaluated based on academic background and performance as well as previous knowledge/competence from a professional perspective.

2. Letter of Intent – Maximum 2 pages (1 200 words)
For us to assess your educational goals as well as your understanding of the field of Business & Design, we want you to clearly communicate your ideas around this in a letter of intent. Describe your background and how you intend to develop your knowledge and skills in the context of the programme, and finally how you aim to contribute within the professional and/or academic field of Business and Design.
Briefly describe:

  • The subject area you have investigated in your previous studies and/or professional life.
  • Your key interests regarding the field of Business & Design.
  • How you intend to contribute with your knowledge in the mixture of practice and theory.
  • Your personal experience of cross-disciplinary team work – refer to personal/interpersonal skills and how you intend to use and develop these during your continuing educational process.
  • Your guiding question you want to examine deeper within this programme

The letter of intent will be assessed on: 
- The applicant’s overall understanding of the field the programme is operating within.
- How the applicant can contribute with his/her knowledge and experience within the student group
- The applicant’s ability to integrate with the cross-disciplinary meeting between theory and practice.

3. Applicants who hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts or Design and aim to apply for a Master of Fine Arts degree after having completed the programme should submit samples of their artistic work – 5-10 pages

Note: If you wish to include other digital material than images, you should do this in a separate media slide in DAP.

The work samples should demonstrate:

  • The breadth and depth of your creative work
  • The key stages of the design process from planning to realisation
  • Your personal direction and interest in design
  • Your skills in presentation, visualisation and communication

We will consider evidence of creativity, imagination and innovation, technical skills as well as your ability to articulate intentions. In the portfolio we are looking for high quality process visualisations rather than perfect renderings. The work samples should provide a view of your design skills, consist of materials that represent your previous experience within the design field, and should also give a clear view of your interests. The jury will evaluate your artistic approach, the level of concepts and your ability to communicate ideas.